Friday, August 27, 2010

Before Shabbat comes and I check out, I wanted to point you to some good books to get you going on Talmud study. The Talmud like any other piece of good literature requires some back ground information, this is especially true of the Gemara or you will never be able to fully enjoy it and its amazingly complex style.

Here are some great books to get you started.
Every Mans Talmud

This is one of the classic in layman Talmudic scholarship; this book will guide you through the major themes and teachings of the Sages.

The Talmud: A Selection

Having read this book three times now, I can give it a huge endorsement. What the author does is take a tractate of the Gemara and abridge it. So you get the feeling of the style and reading of the Gemara but it is shortened, also the footnotes are particularly interesting since the author not only draws parallels to the New Testament but also to the writings of the Church Fathers. While this source shouldn’t be used for serious study of Gemara it is a great quick reference guide to the Gemara.

Essential Talmud: Adin Steinsaltz

I have not read this book, however I have read quite a bit of translation of the Talmud based on that I would say the above book would have to be a good resources to have. Let me know if it’s any good.
That being said I hope you all have an extremely restful Shabbat. Next week with Gods help I would like to explore these themes.

Continue with short commentary on the Daf Yomi.

Elizabeth Dilling and the Talmud

Why is it important for Messianics to know Talmud?

God willing I will be able to write about these, if not then till next time!

Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. Congratulations on your blog! I'll definitely be a subscriber!

    fyi - Essential Talmud by Steinsaltz is good. Don't expect it to be like Everyman's Talmud, though. It's more about the history, development and "logic" of the Talmud than overviews of the concepts found therein.