Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of Daf Yomi!

In the 1920's R'Shapira set up a system of studying the Talmud, known as the Daf Yomi (daf means page, and Yomi is day, roughly) Those involved in this program read one page of Talmud (henceforth Gemara) everyday. One page of the Gemara in Hebrew/Aramic can last for several pages in English.

The Gemara is a never ending source of discovery, loaded wth legal discussions (often enough to make one's head spin), stories, lore, prophecy, discussions on Messiah and end times, the esoteric realm, and much more.

Every day around the world Jews engage the Gemara, that that is how it should be apporached, in an egaged fashion. Instead of just reading it and leaving it, the Gemara wants you to engage it, fight with it, and learn with it. Althought it is standard for the Gemara to be studied under a Rabbi, for a Messanic this is not always possible.

For a Messianic, I would recommend egaging a study partner who has a slight edge over you in some areas, and you over him in other areas, in order to sharpen each other. I hope in this blog to give my thoughts on the Gemara from a Messianic perspecticve, since for me the New Testament brings life into the Gemara. Enjoy it! Learn from it, and welcome to the wonderful world of Daf Yomi!

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  1. Just curious... who is your chaver (study partner)?